Travelpro Maxlite Review

travelpro maxlite

What We Like

What We Don’t Like

  • Sizing differences
  • Breakages
  • Quality issues

There are so many luggage options out there for those who enjoy traveling with any regularity. However, not all of them are going to suit your needs.

As a result, it’s important to do your research to compare the options that are best for you. As you’re doing so, the Travelpro Maxlite is an option worth considering.

It’s a smaller, lightweight option that offers plenty of space and a great warranty.

The Travelpro Maxlite is designed to provide a compact option for those who need a carry-on that can handle everything they need.

While it’s small, it does fit a decent amount of things inside, especially if you pack carefully. You’ll also be able to maneuver easily due to the handy spinners. On top of the fantastic design, you’ll get a lifetime warranty.

Because of that, you’ll be able to trust that the manufacturer has your back for as long as you need them to. In addition, the customizable handle lets you achieve a comfortable roll no matter what your height may be.

travelpro maxlite


Who is this product for?

This is a suitable option for those who don’t want to check their luggage. Many of us are familiar with just how rough the travel can be for checked baggage, so many prefer to keep their suitcase with them whenever possible.

Because of the small size, this is an option that does that well. Furthermore, it’s an ideal choice for those going on shorter trips.

No one wants to lug along a huge, unwieldy suitcase for just a few days. This lightweight option allows you to only pack what you need and therefore have a lighter load in the packing process.

What’s included?

Most importantly, you’ll get a fantastic suitcase. The dimensions it offers are 21.25×14.25×8-inches, perfectly sized for a carry-on.

It also includes a number of pockets such as interior options for storing things inside, exterior pockets for tickets and other high-need items and the ability to expand to fit everything you need. In addition, you’ll get great buckles with an anti-break design, so you’ll be able to trust that everything is in check.

On top of that, the hold-down straps make sure that your luggage stays closed even if something should happen to the zipper while you’re traveling.

travelpro maxlite

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Overview of features

There are plenty of useful features on this piece of luggage, starting with the convenient coating, which is water repellant to avoid getting the things inside wet.

Furthermore, the included spinners keep the luggage off the ground and ensure you’re able to easily roll along pretty much anywhere.

The Travelpro also uses a honeycomb-style structure to make sure that it’s going to be tough enough to handle a large amount of traveling.

Thanks to the handle, you’ll also be able to adjust the height so that it works well for any user, regardless of their own. The grip is comfortable as well.

travelpro maxlite

How to get the most out of it

With all the features that come on this piece of luggage, the best way to get the most from it is to make sure you use them all.

Make use of the straps, buckles, wheels and suitcase overall whenever you need to travel. It’s a reliable, durable little bag that is likely to handle all of your needs. In addition, make sure you keep all the information you need to make use of the lifetime warranty.

Most other luggage comes with a 10-year warranty at best, so you’ll want to hang onto this one! If you notice any problems, contact the manufacturer to get help with resolving the issue.

travelpro maxlite

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AmazonBasics Hardside Luggage

amazon basic hard

If you like the smaller options, but prefer something that comes at a lower cost, this is a great choice. It also includes a hard outer shell that can help with protecting your important items.

The orange coloring also makes it easy to find if you check it. This choice includes spinner wheels as well as the ability to expand, so you can pack as much as you need to and still be able to move the suitcase around easily.

Just like the TravelPro, the handle on this suitcase allows for rolling comfort at just about any height.


Overall, the Travelpro Maxlite is a great option when you need something compact and reliable.

It comes at a mid-level cost and provides a lot of great features such as spinners, straps, and the ability to expand.

If that’s not enough to convince you, then consider the lifetime warranty. With all the capability on this handy little piece of luggage, it’s truly an option that is hard to go wrong with.

Just make sure you take a close look, consider what it is you need most from your luggage, and you’ll be ready for traveling.